Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bridges across the Sharavathi

 The river Sharavathi isa mysterious river which winds its way through the dense rainforests of the Western Ghats before  the ocean at Honnavar. One of the many bridges acrossthis beautiful river is this hanging bridge .
 This hundred year old bridge is still in use although there are newer bridges like the one below.
 The people along the river grow coconut, arecanut and spices besides rice.
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  1. I like the old bridge ! I am a romantic soul !

  2. ooh i do not like the look of that hanging bridge

  3. What stunning photographs. I'm sitting in cold, grey London where it's pouring down with rain, and I so envy you your wonderful blue skies and sunshine. All the best, Bonny

  4. Great shots of the bridges across the river.

  5. The first one is simply superb.. Where is it exactly?