Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Exploring Caves

 Now that all the 12 boys and their coach have been rescued from the cave in Thailand, my thoughts turned to the various caves I have visited.  The Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most beautiful ones I have visited. Although it is dark in some places, it is lighted by sunlight streaming through the crevices in some.
 Thereis a constant rickle of water in a particular spot, beyond which visitors are not allowed.
My thanks to the team of Our World Tuesday.


  1. I was so delighted and relieved that the boys all survived their harrowing experience. Your cave, with sunlight streaming through, looks enchanting.

  2. Cool shots. And gosh - I was so happy to hear that all the boys and their coach were rescued safely. What a story of bravery!

  3. This looks inviting.
    I'd love to visit, sometime. I've heard great things about these caves.
    Thank your for the pictures. :)

  4. Oh i thought you are only a gardener, so you are a spelunker too! I am not much of going into caves, but i have been to a few as well. I remember in grade school we skipped class to visit a cave that was already covered by vines. Not many go there, but we did. In fact because we were scared of ghosts we prayed first before entering, and when we realized it is a very long one, we went back. I already finished college when we told our parents about that escapade, hehe.