Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's Flowers #97

This flower is from my friend Dechu's garden. She said it is a Rutea- a family of flowers. The orangeflowers have an interesting black lip like Sturt's desert pea.
I found these flowering plants in a park. Butterflies flock to this plant.

This orange Ixora is from my garden.

The white Musseanda is loaded with flowers. The flowers shown below are the maroon bracts of the Shrimp Plant Pachystachis Lutea.

This is my contribution to Today's Flowers #97. My thanks to the team of Today's Flowers#97 .

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  1. You have so many plants that are familiar to me ... I think the top one might be called Ruttya fruitcosa ... what we commonly call the Orange Bird or sometimes Rabbit's Ears. I've never grown that one ... and now you've got me interested in trying to find one!!!

    Your white Mussaenda is beautiful ... I only have one of these in my garden and it is such a stunning thing when in full bloom.

    The plant with the red flowers is the Firespike shrub - Odontonema cuspidatum. That's another quite common plant in my area. I just love those blooms.

    Love the colour of your Ixora and the Shrimp Plant always puts on such a great display. Thanks for showing more great photos.

  2. I really loved seeing the flowers you have blooming there. They are all so exotic looking and I love the colors.

  3. What gorgeous flowers, beautiful colors and,yes, very exotic looking! I love them and your photos are terrific! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  4. Bernie, thanks for giving me the names of those plants. They are so pretty and not common here.
    Catherine, the first two are new to me too.
    Sylvia, thanks for your comment. Have a nice Sunday!

  5. This shrimp plant with maroon bract is really a beauty! Love the colour and look!! :-D Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. heyy!!!!you have got a very good collection of plants great job...
    do you have some spare seeds and bulbs for swapping???
    i have got many bulbs and seeds if you agree ill mail you the list of seeds and bulbs i have....

  7. The orange lxora is really pretty. I think I have some kind of bugs in my garden because the leaves on all my flowers look like they've been eaten.

  8. Stephanie, that shrimp plant's colour is unusual.
    Lina, thanks.
    Rosebelle, Ixoras are the host plants for a type of butterfly. The catterpillars must have eaten your Ixora leaves.

  9. Beautiful flowers! your garden must be lovely with so many beautiful flowers blooming.

  10. Hi Padma, the Orange Bird is not a common sight around here. It does have an interesting shape. I like the Firespike shrub too. have never grown that one before. Reminds me that I need to go around nurseries's been a while. Love your photos!:-))

  11. The flowers in your garden are lovely and I like the pure white mussaedna best.

  12. Lotus leaf,
    The flowers are so gorgeous! The shrimp plant's flower look like paper art!