Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White Wednesday

The Four o'Clock flower Mirabilis has colonized all the vacant plots in my suburb. But it is rare to find a white one.
Vinca is a native wild flower which flowers profusely with little care. Alkaloids from Vinca are used in the treatment of lukemia.

Butterfly Pea is usually found in blue. I saw this white one growing on a fence.

A white butterfly was hovering over the bright Calendula flowers.

This is the wild Jasmine which I saw last month in a campus in Mumbai. These flowers are very fragrant.


  1. Does that 4 O'clock flower really bloom at precisely 4 pm?

  2. Such exquisite flowers! And your photos are superb! I love the colors and the variety. Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. I never seen white butterfly pea flower! Me too wonder is the 4 O'clock flower really bloom at 4pm/am?
    Nice pic of flowers!

  4. Autumn Belle and Malar: The 4 o'clock flower opens at around 5 in the evening here.
    Sylvia, thanks for your kind words.

  5. The softness of the petal.
    And it is gentleness. . .
    They are expressed beautifully.

    Thank you.

  6. Remember the Eidelweiss song - small and white, clean and bright? All the flowers here are so lovely.