Friday, April 1, 2011

Jasmine and Pseudo Jasmine

All gardens are fragrant with the heady scent of jasmine in summer. The flowers above are called Queen of the Night jasmine in India, although it is not a true jasmine. Cestrum nocturmum has a very strong scent to which some people like me, are allergic. These flowers shut off their scent at daybreak so I could take the picture from my neighbour's garden.
This is another of those pseudo jasmines which is flowering now. Pseuderanthemum reticulatum is called Gokarna jasmine here. It has so scent.
A special variety from Mysore, this five-layered jasmine has a delicious scent reminding one of sandalwood.
This is called the Snake Jasmine, but it is also an ersatz jasmine. Rhinacanthus nasutus will stop flowering soon, as it is really a winter bloomer. Its root is used in folk medicine to treat snake bites.
The Malabar Jasmine is called Needle Jsmine because the buds are shaped like needles. This has a mild perfume.

There are some more real jasmines in my garden which send out their heavenly scent during the night. All these plants are planted in the ground.

I thank Katarina of Roses and Stuff for her interesting meme.


  1. pretty selection of whites.

  2. Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
    From all over the world...

    Thanks to all of them.
    Tears of the heart will accept them.

    From Japan, ruma

  3. Interesting post! I really like the scent of Cestrum nocturnum; I had no idea some people are allergic to it... :(

  4. Some lovely choices of Jasmine you have there. I like them all.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. The flowers are lovely. It must be heavenly in the garden with so many fragrances!

  6. Hello,

    I just came across your beautiful blog and I will stop by here more often from now on. Your pics are gorgeous. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Indiana...Heidi

  7. Uwielbiam zapach jaśminu, ale w ogrodzie. W domu w wazonie pachnie zbyt intensywnie. Pozdrawiam

  8. great info that comes with the photos. Had ni idéa that they came in so many different shapes. But they all look good.

  9. Wonderful variety of jasmine in your garden. The snake jasmine is new to me. Your garden must be full of fragrance especially in the evenings.