Thursday, May 12, 2011


This sign is exhibited in the garden of Kalakshetra, in Guwahati, a museum of art and culture. Betel nut chewing is a general addiction in many parts of India.
This is my contribution to Signs meme.


  1. I'm not that familiar with betel - but I understand it stains everything.
    Good to have sharing your signs with us. Welcome.

  2. A great sign for the day! I'm not familiar with it either, but like Lesley I've heard it does indeed stain everything! Hope your week has gone well! Enjoy!


  3. That's an interesting cultural difference. I don't even know anything about betel nuts.

  4. How interesting, I've never heard of betel nuts. I have seen signs for no spitting the shells of sunflower seeds around sports fields, but never actually prohibiting something like that.

  5. Interesting spelling on the sign!, would have been more appropriate, though:) because you can only keep on chewing the betel nut. You can't swallow it, it has to be spit out.
    The shape of the building in the background is nice.

  6. Hi Padma, glad to know you're back! I was at Kalakshetra the other day to see what was blooming. I wasn't disappointed! The nahar trees were in bloom and the air was heavily scented with gardenias. This meme sounds most interesting!