Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flowers for Today

 After a couple of days' showers, all the plants have decided to exhibit their flowers! The 'Lobsterclaw' Heliconia is resplendant with its yard long flowers.
The waterlilies in my frog pond are jostling with each other like politicians, to come in the picture.
You can see what else is blooming in the world now at Today's Flowers


  1. Beautiful! I especially love the water lilies.

  2. I confess this is a copy and paste message - but I want to get around as many nature and garden bloggers in the Southern Hemisphere as I can in a short time.
    Through my blog Loose and Leafy a growing company of bloggers are choosing a tree and following it for a year. There's a list of participants and a bit of information on our Tree Following page
    By 'following' I mean observing when it does things, when things happen to it, the plants and creatures which grow on and around it . . . then posting what we see and linking up on 7th of every month. There's a link box which will stay open for 7 days and you'll find the March one here
    Currently, though, we are all in the Northern Hemisphere and this strikes me as a bit unbalanced. It would be wonderful to compare notes with people whose trees are heading into autumn just as ours are sprouting new growth. And it would be good to have different kinds of trees too. Perhaps you would consider joining us?
    Apologies for leaving copied-out comment but I hope, none the less, you will be tempted to join in.

  3. A soft color of water lilies, so beautiful.

  4. The flowers are very beautiful.

  5. I love your water lilies and your heliconia. I can see why they would name it lobster claw. Beautiful photographs, thanks so much for sharing.

  6. So beautiful!!! I also especially love your picture of the water lilies!