Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Thirty Kilometre Walk

 When I was in Indore in September, we went for a thirty kilometre walk along lush soyabean fields .
 We met some people who were waliking for 120 kilometers to get to the city of Ujjain, carrying earthen pots filled with the water of river Narmada. Many of them were walking barefoot. The weather was cool with occasional drizzzles .
 Luscious cucumbers cut and filled with spices selling on the roadside gave us energy.
 This villager was holding his dog who wanted to come with us!
At last we reached our destination- the Patalganga falls. There had been a tragic accident here four years ago, when a whole family had been washed away in a sudden flash floods. Now the falls is heavily fenced up and no one can go near it.
The walk back to Indore was not so enjoyable as there were too many cars going towards the falls.