Wednesday, December 17, 2014

W for WORK

 Water Hyacinth which clogs our waterways takes a lot of work to be  eradicated
 The cowherd works hard to keep his cows fed well.
 A marble worker  making a sculpture.
 This goatherd seemed happy when he was talking to the woman of his heart.
 Workers excavating in Mandu were noot surprised to find a barrack opening

Monday, December 8, 2014

December Flowers

 Dombeya, belonging to the Streculiaceae family is flowering for the first time in my garden. The bunches of pale pink flowers attract hundreds of bees and bumblebees.
 Now is also the season for some of the succulents to flower.
 December seems to be the month for white flowers. The tiny Snake Jasmine bush is bursting with blooms.
 I feel so happy when I see the waterlilies blooming in my frog pond.
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Uttara Kannada wildflowers

 Uttara Kannada is a district in Karnataka state, endowed with dense forests and pristine beaches. Just after the rains, the forests are utterly beautiful with different kinds of wild orchids. The Seethe Dande, or Foxtail orchid is one of them.
The Draupadi Dande, Aerides orchid has sparser blooms, but is no less enchanting.
My thanks to Mrs.Nesbitt for starting the ultra-interesting ABCWednesday. Unbelievably, I have lost the other photos and have to ask for forgiveness from the understanding Roger.I hope I can unearth some for the next post.