Monday, December 8, 2014

December Flowers

 Dombeya, belonging to the Streculiaceae family is flowering for the first time in my garden. The bunches of pale pink flowers attract hundreds of bees and bumblebees.
 Now is also the season for some of the succulents to flower.
 December seems to be the month for white flowers. The tiny Snake Jasmine bush is bursting with blooms.
 I feel so happy when I see the waterlilies blooming in my frog pond.
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  1. Exquisite flowers and such lovely colors! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty! Have a wonderful week!!

  2. I can't see your water lily that only me?...
    The dombeya's pink flower look so beautiful!

  3. Vibrant and gorgeous !

  4. I like flowers a lot. Your shots bring each of their beauty pop out.

  5. Your December blooms are wonderful and I especially like the water lily. It is nice to see some blooms while the weather is chilly and rainy here.

  6. Yes, I believe you when you say that December is the month of white flowers.
    I got two white flower arrangments. They are lovely.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  7. How wonderful to be able to grow such pretty flowers in your garden, you must work very hard to look after it !
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful snapshots with us,
    Happy weekend,
    Best wishes,eam
    ABCW t

  8. Great flowers! In my part of the world we only have indoor blooms in December. Happy Holidays!