Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our World - The Canyon and the Cavern

 Last week I had been on a trip to the Canyon in Gandikota. The river Pennar has made a beautiful canyon in the red granite cliffs of the place. There is an ancient fort which was never conquered by anybody because of the canyon. People live in the fort and farm in te inhospitable around it.
 The Char Minar in the fort is the meeting place for the residents.
 The next day we went to the underground caves at Belum.
 Amazing to see fresh water flowing deep down in the cave. There is so much to see in our world.
My thanks to the team of Our World Tuesday where you can see so many facets of our wonderful world.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our World Beautiful

 The bright pink of the Antigonon flowers attracts hundreds of bees every morning. The bees have their hive on the roof of the school building on a hill nearby. During the holidays, the school authorities destroy the hives  fearing that the bees might sting the children, but the bees build their homes again in the same place.
The cheerful rain lilies show up as soon as there is a shower.
 Butterflies sun themselves for short spells.

The Blue Tiger butterfly will soon start its migration to the forests of the Western Ghats.
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