Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Immaculate Lotus

Today is the 60th anniversary of India becoming a democratic republic. As a tribute to my country, I am writing a few words about the Lotus, the national flower of India.
The Sacred Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera is a symbol of purity in most of the Eastern cultures. Although it grows in a mire, it reaches to the light. Its structure is such that it is always immaculate.
The lotus is an unusual flower in many ways. Researchers have found that the lotus blossoms, like humans, maintain their temperature at the same level even in freezing cold, to help the pollinators.
Microscopic bumps on the waxy lotus leaf make its surface extremely water repellent. Dewdrops slide down the surface removing the dirt.This "Lotus Effect" is made use of in nano technology. Because it is not affected by dirt or temperature, and remains immaculate always striving towards light, the lotus is compared to a yogi.
Happy Republic Day to my Indian friends.
Happy Australia Day to my Australian friends.
The pictures in this post are from Wikipedia.


  1. Happy Republic Day
    A beautiful Photograph
    best wishes

  2. Happy Republic Day! Now I know why you choose the lotus flower as your icon. We love the lotus too. It is also a sacred flower for Buddhist and Taoists. I too admire its ability to rise above the mud and bloom so beautifully.

  3. A very Happy Republic Day to you and India! Lotus are beautiful as well as fascinating flowers.

  4. Happy Republic day, dear lotusleaf. What an apt post for republic day: thanks because now I know what I should be knowing about my National flower.

  5. Happy Republic Day! :) The lotus is a beautiful flower, it's nice to know some of the national history it is tied to for you :)

  6. Happy Republic Day. Lotus is such a gorgeous flower, I've always wanted to try growing one. I loved learning more about them.