Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Sapodilla is called Chikoo in North India and Sapota in South India. It is a brown fruit with light brown flesh which is very sweet. My Sapodilla tree is only three feet high as it is only three years old. It has given me the first fruits which I am going to ripen .

The Sapodilla tree is a medium sized tree with glossy green leaves. It bears fruit throughout the year in these parts. The flowers are small and insignificant.
The Chikoo fruit is said to be a preventive of cancer.


  1. Looks like a small mellon. Would love to try it...don't think any stores near by sell it.
    Maybe in NY hmmmmm

  2. Never heard of that fruit before! :) Thanks for telling us about it!

  3. I love this fruit Lotusleaf and have recently planted one. In the islands especially in Grenada, we shine the skin with newspaper to remove the gritty texture and then wrap them in newspaper to ripen. My mouth is salivating for the taste of this fruit. I have not tasted one for many years too many to count.

  4. I've heard of it before but not seen it. It sounds wonderful.

  5. I had no idea these would fruit when the tree was so small. Mine was about that size but froze back a year ago. I have since transplanted it to a different location and I'm hoping it will make some good growth this year.

  6. Patsi, it is nowhere the size of a melon. More like a tennis ball.
    Kyna, thanks for your comment. The sapodilla is a common fruit in these parts.
    Islandgal, that is an interesting information. I'll follow it.
    Sweet Bay, yes, this is a delicious fruit.
    Grower Jim, this is the first time it is fruiting. Perhaps our warm climate helps it to fruit early.