Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gardenblogger's Bloom Day, June 2011

All the plants seem to be rejoicing the monsoon rains. The common Ruellia is also putting out its red flowers in my garden.
The fire engine red of the Passion flower cannot be captured in all its passion by my camera :(
The Ixora bush is full of blooms. Ixora is named after Ishwara, who is also known as Shiva, as it is offered at the temple.
This native orchid Aerides crispum, is named after Sita, the heroine of the ancient Hindu epic, Ramayana. It is called Site dande, and Sitechi Veni locally.
The Bird of Paradise flower Strelitzia is named after a queen, befitting its elegance and beauty.
My thanks to Carol for her beautiful meme every month.


  1. Such beauty! Our ruellias are mostly purple or pink. This is a wonderful colour! I also like the Passion flower.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Your captures of these incredibly beautiful flowers really took my breath away! Exquisite! And such delightful colors! Have a wonderful day!


  3. I think that your red passion flower is amazing - if I was in your garden I would be taking photos of that one flower from every angle - I totally agree with what Sylvia has said :)

  4. Great color on your Passion Vine and I have always liked Bird of Paradise.

  5. I have the Ruellia and my neighbour has the scarlet passion flower. It's always greener on the other side. Beautiful bunch of flowers you have here.

  6. What beautiful flowers you have...I love the bright colors!

  7. My thoughts echo what has already been said by the other commentators... really nice blooms of some very special plants! L

  8. I love seeing your tropical flowers for bloom day! So different from anything that grows here. I really like that Ixora.