Saturday, May 30, 2009

A mystery fern

Hello! I am Lotusleaf from India. I live in Bangalore in the southern part of India, and I have a fair-sized wild tropical garden. There are various ferns, heliconiums, spathyphyllums , ixoras, anthuriums as well as jasmines and hibiscus and different types of bromeliads in my garden. Recently somebody gave me what he called a fern, which looks like squirrel's tail, but it is not an asperagus.It hangs from some moss stuck to a coconut shell in long (1foot and more) fronds. It was brought from the sub Himalayan regions. Can anyone tell me what it could be?
I shall try to upload a photo of it soon.


  1. I found the name of the fern. It is called Long John's tassle.

  2. Hi,

    Your blog is really lovely. Do you mind if newbie to gardening to me would like to make a visit to your garden some time. I am raja from B'lore.


  3. sorry for the typos in my earlier reply. What I meant was, will you be open to receive a newbie gardener like me as a visitor to your garden.

  4. lovely garden blog. i am from bangalore too :-)inspired...

  5. I have really enjoyed going through your whole blog. Took me a couple days but it was worth the time. Thanks.

    Goldenray Yorkies