Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sojourn in a Cloud Forest

Back after a wonderful holiday trekking in a cloud forest. The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri range, is one of the few environmental hotspots in the world, containing tremendous biodiversity. Since it was the end of the monsoon season, there were not many wild flowers, but we saw many birds and butterflies. The picture above shows the Southern Birdwing, the largest butterfly in India.
The Southern Birdwing is feasting on the lantana flowers.

Bracket fungus on a piece of fallen wood. There were leeches on the moist ground.

An Ipomea flower waiting to be pollinated.

A view of the Kali river valley.


  1. The butterfly is awesome. What wingspan! How did you protect yourself from all those leeches? Or didn't you, and submit yourself to the natural 'detox' technique :)

  2. wonderful photograph of the Southern Birdwing! Kabir was very excited to see it! looking forward to more pictures.

  3. Glad to have you back Lotusleaf! What an amazing butterfly, looks almost like a bird. Thanks for sharing and please post more pics of your trip.

  4. Shailaja, fortunately the leeches left me alone!The effect of all those anti-malarial medicines I took as a child!
    Manisha, I'll be posting more pictures of butterflies and flowers.
    Thanks Helen, I have many pictures to share and incidents to relate.

  5. That butterfly looks so big and is so pretty! What a beautiful view, I bet it's amazing in person.

  6. Fascinating views! The river valley looks so green and inviting. I photographed the birdwings some time ago. Your pics are clearer. Amazing butterflies....and so beautiful!