Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Flowers

This flower is called Gokarna jasmine locally.Now that real jasmine is hard to come by, village women wear this in their hair.
This Scilla gives out pretty white flowers. The leaves of the plant have an interesting blotched pattern.

The Amazon lily obviously has no flowering season. It flowered all through the summer, and now , in mid winter (for the tropics) , it is giving out more flowers.

The Bridal Bouquet, a local clematis is also blooming profusely in a neighbourhood garden.

I saw these pretty flowers of the Pseeuderanthemum variegatum in the park. The flowers look like the flowers in the topmost picture since both the plants belong to the same family- acanthacae.


  1. All the flowers are beautiful. Can you tell me the botanical name of Gokarna jasmine?. This is something new to me. I am happy to see clematis growing well in your area. How do you manage it in your summers?. Thanks for sharing these cute blooms with us.

  2. Very nice pictures as always. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you, Muhammad, for visiting my blog. The Gokarna Jasmine's botanical name is Pseuderanthemum reticulatum. It is also known as Golden Pseuderanthemum. As I was searching the net for the name of the flower, I realized that what I thought of as the Caricature plant, was in fact, Pseuderanthemum variegatum. I have done the corection in my post. Thanks to you, I learnt something!
    Ian, thank you.

  4. Do you think the name Golden Pseuderanthemum is because of the typical, yellow-green leaves the plant has? Are the flowers fragrant?

  5. Shailaj: Yes, I too think the name is because of the yellow leaves. No, the flowers haveno fragrance.

  6. I love having some whites in the garden. Helps set off the others also.

    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. can u please give the botanical name of the White bridal Bouquet