Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mangrove Forests

 Last month, I had an opportunity of visiting a mangrove forest in an island in Goa.  To visit the wild life snctuary located in the forest, we had to cross the river in a ferry.
 The mangrove trees grow with their roots in water , in a swampy, waterlogged place.  The mangroves are host to a rich and diverse wildlife. The Salim Ali Wildlife sanctuaru hosts Fiddler crabs, various fish, crocodiles, and birds.
 A mangrove flower.
 Dense forest covers the island.
There is a pathway buttressed by stone slabs, which you can take to view the forest and its dwellers at close hand.
Swamps and mangrove forests are essential to the survival of life on the planet. But they are all under immense pressure from the expanding cities.
I am linking to Michelle's Nature Notes at Rambling Woods.


  1. A very informative post and lovely captures for the day! We do indeed have a beautiful world/planet and it does so desperately need our help, support.

  2. Your photos reminds me of my hometown in the Philippines, local people planted so many Mangroves by the seashore after the tidal wave we had,.

    Catching up with all the T entries.

    Travels & Wandering
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  3. What a beautiful area and so important for wildlife. Here our woods is part of a state protected wetland and I am hoping that it will keep that status over becoming somebody's house or a shopping mall... Thank you for linking into this week's Nature Notes...Michelle

  4. What a beautiful swamp area! I seldom see swamp now! Most of them have been turn to some concrete area! sigh...!

  5. very interesting , i did not know there were mangroves in goa

  6. Dear Padma, A lovely place to visit. I stopped by to let you know that your flowers are on the Today's Flowers homepage. Thank you once again for allowing us to share them.