Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today's Flowers

 The Snake Jsmine bush in my garden is now full of these little flowers.
 I was thrilled to see this golden Calla lily with the maroon centre in flower. I had brought the bulb from my trip to Ooty two months ago. I hope it will flower next season too!
My neighbour's Bignonia venusta has climbed on to my tree and getting ready to be filled with flowers in the new year.
Thanks for your visit. You can see what else is flowering now around the world at Today's Flowers.


  1. i haven't seen a yellow calla lily before, only white. the bignonia venusta is beautiful--such luscious color!

    Queen of the Night

  2. Exquisite flowers and colors and a lovely, peaceful way to bring my day to a close! Thank you!

  3. Oh I keep wondering if I have room in my garden for calla lilies - that is a beauty.

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  5. Wow!!! amazing greenery
    Love the tree with yellow and orange shades, the garden seem to be very adorable, you have maintained it too perfectly.

    Oxmo udsalg

  6. Beautiful flowers! Never heard or seen snake jasmine before! Do they have smell?

  7. Lovely. Like the header picture. I think I have missed many posts. Will browse through leisurely

  8. Hello there! Are you an often online visitor or maybe you prefer face to face communication?

  9. The today's flowers described by you are exquisite and beautiful. They are too lovely

  10. Thanks for the blog
    Really wonderful to see your blooms.
    Can you please let me know where i can get kadamba tree sapling