Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today's Flowers- Scented Flowers and Plain Flowers

 Butterfly ginger flowers have a spicy scent.
 Impatiens has no scent...
 nor has this anthurium.
But the balsum which is growing wild, has a faint scent.
These flowers are in every garden during the monsoon season.
My thanks to the hosts of Today's Flowers for bringing out an edition to cheer , week after week.


  1. I love to smell flowers, but even when there is no scent they are a delight for the eyes. Your photos are a pleasure to see, thank you so much for again sharing them with Today's Flowers.

  2. Lovely blog! I"m also in South India, Gokarna, growing an organic garden and farm, wanting to make a little paradise and I found some good ideas and info on your blog. I'd like more guidance on all aspects of making a beautiful, nutritious, tasty and earth freindly organic garden. Hope you can and want to help. I"m Swami Yogaratna of Shankar Prasad Foundation (see Shankar Prasad Yoga Meditation on Facebook).
    Q: what's the secret of growing impatients? I bought, they died, I got cuttings, they struggled and blossomed, but suddenly they collapse, I heard they like water in a well drained position so I put them in a pot with sandy soil. So far so good. Do they like sun, shade, or mixed? Elsewhere, ofr example Bangalore, they grow like weeds, but here in Gokarna, very difficult to keep them alive. What"s your secret please :)