Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love of Lepidoptera

 The Lemon Emigrant belongs to the Pieridae sect.
 The Common Cerulean belongs to Lycanidae sect.
 Euthalia aconthea likes to savour fallen fruit.
 The Red Eye Skipper belongs to the Hespiridae sect.
 The Lime Butterfly loves the scent of lemon grass.
The name Lepidoptera is derived from the Greek words "Lepido" for scales and "Ptera" for wings. It refers to the flat scales that cover the body and wings of adult butterflies and moths.  The colourful scales which cover the wings play an important role in recognition, and courtship. It also helps in camouflage to escape from predators.
I am linking to ABCWednesday started by the lovely Mrs.Nesbitt and carried on by the learned Roger and others.


  1. Exquisite little butterflies and such beautiful captures!! I always look forward to your posts and I'm never disappointed!! Hope you're enjoying a good week!!

  2. Nice entry - These butterflies and moths are so beautiful.

  3. Love the LATIN LESSON!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team.

  4. Gorgeous butterflies, lovely photos!

  5. Whoa! You got so many of them! Great shots!

  6. Pretty photos!
    Great choice for 'L'
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. such beautiful pics..!!

  8. Love the purplish two the best.

    abcw team

  9. Lovely pictures of the beautiful flowers and butterflies. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  10. I love the color contrast of the bright yellow Lemon Emigrant and the bright red/pink of the flower.

  11. Beautiful collection of pictures...

  12. Wonderful pictures of butterflies

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