Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yellow Forts

 The fort of Maheshwar is impressive, and built with the local  yellow sandstone. It was the seat of the legendary queen Ahalyabai , who is held in great respect even now, 200 years after her demise. The river Narmada flows serenely at the foot of the fort. We had a lovely trip in a  yellow flower bedecked boat.

The yellow rocks in the mysterious forest at Bhimbetka were deep under the ocean millions of years ago. Stone age men have drawn pictures on the rocks, which are still visible. The place reminded me of the rock in Lion King....
Many thanks to Mrs.Nesbitt, the founder of ABC Wednesday, and Roger, who is taking care of it now, and also thanks to the team.


  1. Lovely indeed!

    Wish you and yours a brilliant 2014!!

  2. Wonderful captures for the day!! Hope your new year is off to a great start!!

  3. Look like very interesting place to visit! 200 year old fort? wow!