Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cherries at Chitkul

 Chitkul is a village in the Himalayas, at the China border. Most of the inhabitants of this remote mountain village are Buddhists. The houses are wooden, with slate roofs. Newer houses have cement roofs.
 The walk to Chitkul takes you through misty mountains.
 Cherries are cheap here...
The wild cherry trees were in full bloom in May.

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I also thank Mrs.Nesbitt, the founder of ABCWednesdayand the clever team which is continuing it.


  1. How wonderful to be able to see this part of the world! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. A beautiful place, awesome mountains and I do love cherries!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a good week!!

  3. Stunning scenery!

  4. Wow! I LOVE my garden - a peaceful haven - oh yes then there's all the work! Infact I am off now to potter!
    Thanks for contributing
    Denise ABC Team

  5. Amazing Himalayas! And mouth watering cherries!

  6. Beautiful photos, wonderful mountains to walk and enjoy nature!

  7. Fabulous pictures and cherries too in the Himalayas, \I thought cherries only grow in hot countries? The most delicious cherries I have ever taste were in Turkey, whilst on holiday. Cherries are in season at present, in the UK, very good too as we've had a very hot summer but still too expensive,
    best wishes,

  8. I couldn't do the elevation!
    Like the cherries, though...

  9. I love all the windows in the house perfect for looking out of while eating cherries. What a lovely sight the trees must be against a mountain backdrop.
    Joy - ABC Team

  10. The cherries look so fresh! I can only see the one preserved here in my place. It's expensive too! The village look so beautiful!