Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Co-opeation and team work is not the prerogative of humans. Insects like the weaver ants show it in full measure.
 I watched fascinated when the ants built their nest using the leaves of my Ixora plant. Some ants held the leaves together while some sealed them with the saliva of a young ant.
 Finally, their home was ready- a safe haven which keeps them dry even during the raging monsoon storms.
This is my contribution to Our World Tuesday which is giving such pleasure to all of us , week after week!


  1. What an interesting post for the day!! A great and different look at your world!! Thanks as always for sharing!! Hope you're enjoying a great week!

  2. This was amazing tho ants give me chills...we have fire ants in Texas and they BITE!!!

  3. That's a lot of red ants! Do they bite? Anyway I don't really like ants as they do a lot of damage to my garden and house too! ;(

  4. How fascinating ants are! In Australia the green ants are doing the same and their nests are also amazing. Thank you for sharing your photos!
    Have a great week and weekend!
    Wil, ABCW Team

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