Monday, June 8, 2015

Valparai -the Tea Country

 Tea is called the cup that cheers. Valparai is a place in India synonimous with tea.
 Miles of precious rainforest have been felled to make place for the plantations of tea.
 Stunted alien looking trees dot the tea gardens.
 You can come across some wild flowers at the edge of the plantations.
 There are tiny pockets of the old rainforest in some places.
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  1. Great post for the day as always and I do love tea!! Hope you have a wonderful new week!!

  2. Sad that the rain forest had to make way for a cup that cheers!

  3. That's interesting, I have never seen a tea plantation !

  4. beautiful waterfall! It's really sad when forest are cleared for farming purposes....

  5. I love my tea but this is rather sad.

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