Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monsoon Wildflowers

 The Monsoon is my favourite season as wildflowers are blooming in every meadow now. Photos also come out good because of the cloud cover. It is nice to go for a long walk to the outskirts of the city just to enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers.
 Ipomia, a sort of Morning Glory closes itself as soon as it has been pollinated by bees. You don't get to see an open flower after 10 a.m, most of the time!

 The flowers of the Sarsaparilla vine are very attractive. The roots of this vine i used to make a energizing drink.
 The Abutilon indica opens only in the afternoon, so you don't see the flowers in the morning.
Thanks to the team of Our World Tuesday where you can see what is happening in different parts of our world. I also thank Michelle of Nature Notes.


  1. Ah, such beautiful, colorful flowers!! I love them all!! Wonderful captures for the day!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!!

  2. Pretty flowers, lovely images! Have a happy day!

  3. Such a beautiful collection of flowers.

  4. Beautiful flowers. Sarsparilla as root beer is my favorite soda. I only drink it now when sarsparilla is listed in the ingredients.
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  5. Lovely flowers! It's been ages since i saw a morning glory!

  6. Fabulous flowers!

  7. Morning Glory closes itself as soon as it has been pollinated by bees. You taught me something new.

  8. Abutilon indicum is really pretty! Lovely, lovely! The colours are like nasturtuim, so bright and orangey ;-)

  9. All the plants and flowers love a good rain. It seems that all of a sudden they are there and I enjoyed your flowers.. Happy and cheerful....Michelle

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