Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Himalaya calling!

 Our camp at Deoriatal. It rained every day, and sometimes with hailstones!
 Wild roses on our way...
 A village home in the Himalayas
 Clouds cover the snow peaks of the Kedar range.
My thanks to the team of Our World Tuesday for which we wait all week!


  1. Hello, the scenery is beautiful. I am sorry you had bad weather while on your trip! Lovely photos. Have a happy day!

  2. Himalaya, I have only seen it from above. On an airplane. Would like to visit but it seems to hard. Love the images.

  3. Hailstone? Wow!
    The place look so beautiful! Are those house built by themselves?

  4. wow! I have been looking up treks in the Himalayas.. would love to do it sometime.
    did you go with a group?