Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hoya, ahoy!

I have just planted out some chrysanthemum seedlings- some will give golden yellow flowers and some, mauve flowers with white tips. To avoid the aphid infestation, I have planted garlic berween the plantlets.My hoya creeper is sleeping after its stunning display last month.


  1. Lovely Hoya! It's amazing how such a thin vine can hold so many bunches of flower. Lives up to its name, Hindu Rope Vine, right?

  2. hi mam, this is indeed a treat to the eye.
    i saw the snap taken by is come out very well.

    see you at school.

  3. Wow, Hoyas do look stunning, I just picked up a sapling from GKVK, Vasundara madam told me Hoyas are shade friendly! It makes it all the more easier to find a suitable spot for it in the garden