Monday, June 29, 2009

The petrified frog

Many of my young visitors think that the rock is an enormous frog in disguise, who will come to life at night!There are lots of the real frogs too, in my garden. We are all waiting for the rain.


  1. I loved your blog - the pictures, and the comments.

    How do you keep your ferns looking so green and fresh even when you have not had any rains? My usually green indoor Boston fern seems to have gone lifeless. Do you think it needs light, water or frogs?


  2. Hi Suman,
    Try keeping the Boston fern outside, under a tree for some days. Don't forget to water it!

  3. Loved your blog - fantastic photographs! Obviously, you have other talents besides a green thumb.

    Looking forward to our next visit to this blog. May the gods bless your seeds, sprouts, blooms and blossoms.

    Medha & Suhas

  4. Thank you Medha and Suhas. How is your garden coming along?