Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My World

This settlement in the middle of the forest in Coorg is famous for training elephants. In the days of the Maharajas, wild elephants were caught in an operation called Khedda, and trained by tame elephants. These days, the elephants bred in the camp are trained. Elephants are a part of Indian culture. They go in stately procession on special occasions. Some temples maintain a fleet of elephants, which are decorated during festivals. The forest department uses them to carry logs and to do other heavy work in the forests.
The habitat of wild elephants is dwindling at an alarming rate now. There are reports of herds of elephants going on a rampage in the villages bordering the forest every year.
Although the elephant is greatly loved in India, its population is decreasing.
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  1. It is sad for all of our worlds that we are losing so many of the animals that enrich our planet, our world, our lives. Great post for the day!


  2. Dubare elephant camp right?
    Great place for kids.

  3. I hope people dont mistreat those poor elephants, already displaced from their own forest home...

  4. Such a shame to hear the wild elephant population is dwindling. They usually rampage because they are hungry and are desperate for food.

  5. There is less and less space for the wild animals.
    Interesting post. It is such hard work the elephants have to perform, but then horses, donkeys, cows and oxen were and still are working animals in some countries.

  6. Hi Lotusleaf

    Thanks for your visit and comment. I have been looking at your garden for a long time and you have a very interesting one. I like your posts of wild flowers of India especially they are so beautiful.


  7. I hope that a wild animal preserve might be developed to prevent the extinction of these noble elephants. Great shots!

    A hundred years ago or so, Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey (the famous circus) used elephants to set up the big tent posts for the circus acts. Elephants are fascinating.

  8. Many species have gone extinct, are on the verge of extinction, or are decreasing population. What a shame!

    Elephants look noble and have gentle eyes. They do have feelings. I've seen a video of elephants' mourning a dead one. Very big, but very adorable creature.

  9. Sad to hear the number of elephants is decreasing. It's hard to live with wild animals together in harmony. Elephants are wise, love their family, fascinating animals. After World War Two was over, Japan was poor. At that time, India's first Prime Minister, Nehru presented an elephant Indira named after his daughter to Japanese children. How Japanese childen appreciated this gift!

  10. Sadly, that's what is happening here too. Because of the depletion of forests, many cross the railway lines (on the way to villages) and get mowed down by trains. Very often we come across newspaper reports about such tragic incidents.

  11. lovely post. i wonder what causes the decrease in population, especially if they are in safe habitat.