Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today's Flowers #137

The geraniums and pelargoniums do well in the bright sunlight we have now.
These petunias also like the sun.
The old fashioned petunias had a delicate fragrance, which is lacking in these brightly coloured flowers.
I coulcn't find the name of this shocking pink flower, which grows in a bush.
The Brunfelsia bush in the neighbor's garden competes with my jasmine bushes in making our gardens scented!

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  1. Lovely spray of colors in your post today. :)

  2. Great pictures!!
    Love the colours of the petunias.
    -Cheers Gisela.

  3. My favourite - petunias..yours are very lovely colours!

  4. Beautiful sequence of flowers. I love the variety.

  5. The petunias are lovely! And so are the geraniums. You're blessed...with a climate like that!! (Difficult to grow geraniums here).

  6. I always love the shots of your beautiful flowers!! Such beautiful colors! A wonderful bright spot to start my day! Hope you have a great week!


  7. These are beautiful blooms and great macro shots of them... have a great week ahead. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Firstly I love your bamboo header;
    Petunias the old fashioned are always on my list for tubs and pots in autumn/winter. Yours look very bright eyed and fresh. Geraniums are also on this list, My mother grew them on the windowsills in Switzerland. It is a very nostalgic flower for me. Enjoy a lovely week in your beautiful flower garden.

  9. A lovely set of flowers!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  10. I can just imagine the scent of your colorful garden. (We had snow overnight, so I'll have to enjoy your tropical blooms for now!)

  11. I am sure it is lovely to have nice scent in the garden. And of course pretty flowers of different colours. You and your neighbour have wonderful gardens.

  12. beautiful colors you have there!