Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's Flowers

The pink flowers of Justicia carnea have a curious shape. They prefer the shade of the mango tree.
The orange Crossandra flowers are blooming in the sun. They are a favourite with the village women, who wear strings of them in their hair.
The sky blue Plumbago flowers look so cool in the heat. They don't mind the sun.
This visitor is looking for some sustenance in the jasmine bush.
You can see what is blooming all over the world at Today's Flowers.


  1. Love that blue of the plumbago. And such a pretty visitor on the jasmine bush!!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. love the pink justica something. i used to own one and never knew its name.

  3. The fluorescent green on that beetle is stunning. What a great looking visitor. I recognise all the great plants you highlighted today. I must must get some Plumbago for my garden!!

  4. The flowers are beautiful and the beetle is so striking! I photographed one the other day on one of our walks - haven't looked it up to see what it is, but it is so pretty!

  5. Very beautiful tropical flowers!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love the first one - Justicia carnea.

  6. Pretty blooms and what a bright, colorful beetle. How sweet that the village ladies wear crossandra blooms in their hair.

    Plumbago is a favorite in my garden.


  7. Such lovely flowers, beautiful colors and delightful captures as always. Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  8. PS: The green scarab in the last photo is stunning!

  9. Love the unique shape of the Justiea carnea and the pink color!
    What a vibrant green beetle - great capture!

    Thanks for your visit and comment. :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. I grow and like the Justicia; it pops up in unusual places and shows off its pink flowers. Crossandra and Plumbago, beautiful colours and the bright green bug like an ornament on the Jasmin.