Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coconut- the Multi-faceted Tree

 It was with mixed feelings that I saw this volunteer coconut sprouting among my ferns, yesterday. While I felt wonder and joy at seeing this wonderful palm come uninvited to my garden, I was also worried about its water needs and  space requirements.
 The sapling had sprouted from a coconut which must have fallen from my neighbour's coconut tree. I sometimes complain about the heavy fronds those trees shed in my garden, damaging my plants, but never send a fruit in my direction!
 In the searing heat of summer, coconut water is a very popular drink- more so than the fizzy bottled drinks.
The plaited coconut leaves are used as thatch in the cottages in the countryside. Rope made from coconut fibre is used by gardeners and in factories. Coconut oil is supposed to prevent your hair from greying. It is also used in most beauty products. In fact, the uses of coconut tree are innumerable. For gardeners, cocopeat, made from the husk of the coconut is invaluable. No wonder that people hesitate to cut their coconut trees.I think I shall give this sapling away to somebody with a big garden.
You can see many facets of our world here.


  1. What a great post and so much interesting information about coconuts! Love your photos, particularly the plaited coconut leaves! Hope your week is off to a good start!


  2. I know coconuts have so many uses, I dont have room for one in my yard either!

  3. They are beautiful palms, but yes enormous!!

  4. We are a coconut country, and we practically lived with coconuts, tree, fruits and products. We have a lot of them volunteering everywhere since my father died and the copra man already died too. We sometimes uproot them as in uprooting weeds, because if they are allowed to they are more difficult to get rid off when fully established in the soil.

  5. My one and only coconut tree isn't doing well at all. But the produce in our state isn't all that bad. Loved going through your pictures. The plaited leaves are beautiful...and so useful!

  6. I suspect that the root is much deeper than you think since the plant is already of a good size but, good luck anyway.

  7. I love coconut water. I try to drink some in the morning, but anytime of the day is just as refreshing. Wonderful photos!

  8. I learned a lot about coconuts in this post. That last photo as especially beautiful. I love that your garden is organic and critter-friendly.

  9. Fantastic views, beautiful places. I am greeting

  10. look on the bright side, soon you will have lots of coconuts

  11. Volenteer coconut tree? Wow! I just bought 1 for me....;)

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