Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today's Flower- Football Lily

 The Football lily Scadoxus multiflorus is also called Blood Lily and Fireball Lily. Some people say that its botanical name is Haemanthus multiflorus, but not being a botanist, I accept both the scientific names.
Last week's pre-monsoon storm seems to have triggered the flowering apperatus in the Football lily bulbs hiding in corners in my garden, and they are bursting int bloom everywhere. There are football -sized red globes everywhere.
The lily's sudden appearance brings a sense of wonder and joy in the heart of the beholder.
This is my contribution to Today's Flowers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to link with the meme.


  1. What an exquisite flower and a breathtaking color! I always look forward to your flower captures and they are always delightful! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  2. Exotic, you triggered my memory, have not seen mine for a while they might be overgrown. I might take out the bulbs. Good to see this beautiful, special lily in your garden.

  3. Beautiful flower! I have not seen these before!

  4. Lovely capture of this spectacular flower!

  5. I am prompted to give my own name to this wonderful flower -- red star-burst lily!

  6. Mine hasn't flowered but after I'm done with commenting here I'll rush out and take a look. These are spectacular blooms!