Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's Flowers- Brugmansia

Brugmansia is also called Dhatura here. Arrriving centuries earlier from the tropical Americas, it has naturalized itself here, in tropical Asia. You can see wild white Dhatura flowers in empty plots and fields. The re are pink, golden and purple varieties of Bugmansia too, which are used  as hedges by villagers, as stray cattle and sheep do not eat this plant.
I thank the team of Today's Flowers, where you can see beautiful flowers from all over the world.


  1. i hav always love this plant. Tried to plant the cuttings once but it failed to grow. yours is gorgeous.

  2. Brugmansia grow into trees, produce brown wood and are perennial in warmer climates. 99% of their flowers point down and are usually called Angels Trumpet. They produce green bean like seed pods.

    Datura are annual bushes (except in climates with no frost) and do not produce brown wood. Their stems and trunks are almost always green. Their flowers point up and are mistakenly called Angels Trumpet but are acutally Devils Trumpet. They produce round, spikey or bumpy seed pods that can literally explode when ripe throwing seeds all over the place if the pod is not well hydrated.
    Daturas are most easily propagated via seed and come true from seed. Brugmansias do not come true from seed and are very easily propagated via cuttings.

    your pink datura is gorgeous. I only grow brugmansia. It always confused me who is who...until I found out that the brugs always have flowers pointing down and dats pointing up.

  3. Beautiful pic of Brugmansia. It was interesting to read how the brugs are different from datura in Titania's comments. In olden times, medicinal cigarettes prescribed for asthma used to contain Datura stramonium, a bronchodilator.

  4. Lovely shot of this delicately coloured flower.

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