Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flowers of the Eastern Ghats

The Eastern Ghats is a range of low mountains along the east cost of India. Although it is not as famous as the rain forests of the Western Ghats for its bio diversity, there are some rare and valuable medicinal plants which grow there. Here are pictures of some flowers I found in Kolli Hills. I was perturbed to see how the invasive lantana has occupied large areas, pushing the native plants to the brink of extinction.
 Pseuderanthemum reticulatum has pretty flowers. Locally it is called Gokarna jasmine.
 Purple flowers of Angelonia were seen at some pockets.
 Musical Notes Clerodendrum incisum was carefully grown in a garden.
The Cobra Lily Arisaema neglectum grows wild in the shade of trees in the Eastern Ghats. 


  1. Lovely flowers! The Cobra Lily looks almost exactly like its cousin Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) that is native to this part of the world and flowers in the woodlands in early summer.

  2. Such beautiful flowers and wonderful captures for the day! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Lantana is a declared environmental weed here and we are required to remove it whenever we find it. Unfortunately it is a real problem in the bushland that surrounds our place and can grow into mounds around 2 metres tall by five metres wide. It's very difficult to get rid of.

    Loved the flowers you spotted in the hills. The flowers of Pseuderanthemums are just beautiful, and I do love Angelonia blooms too. The Cobra Lily is just spectacular as well.

  4. I use to see Lantana and Pseuderanthemums a lot during my childhood time but not now.....
    The flowers are so pretty!

  5. Beautiful flowers. We have some varieties of flowers, too, in California that are definitely pests and will take over everything if allowed to do so...though they are pretty in themselves, they are nuisances.

  6. That cobra lily is outstanding! Still blooming? Wow you have the most attractive blooms today.

  7. So interesting! I love those purple blooms. My Gokarna jasmine is also blooming now.

  8. lovely flowers. where in the eastern ghats were these taken/.

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