Monday, November 9, 2009

Gardening- a Challenge

Last Saturday I went to a plant exhibition cum sale organized by the Association of People with Disability. It is an NGO which helps to train physically challenged persons of low economic means in horticulture and other skills. The plants were healthy and nicely arranged in the school for the physically challenged. There were hibiscus, poinsettia, chrysanthemums , lilies , orchids and many other plants. I bought some African violets which are rare here.
The orchids were stunning. You can see the gardener who grew them, in his wheelchair.

I loved these honey coloured chrysanthemums. My friends bought some pale pink mums, bird of paradise and some hibiscus.There were hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs for sale. Everything was quite cheap

This twenty year old bonsai was already taken.

The well kept school garden was full of flowers- zinnia, marigold, ixora and petunias were blooming everywhere, adding to the cheer.


  1. Looks like a great sale for a great cause. I would've had a hard time not buying one of each.

  2. Its no wonder Bangalore is known as a Gardener's paradise. All these lovely plants for sale at one place and at cheap rates is a party for garden lovers. To top it all, this sale is for a noble cause too!! I too would have had a tough time deciding what not to buy!

  3. Hi, I m a plant lover and this nursery is the place for my regular trip. I did go 2 the exhibition and bought myslef sm plants. This is a gr8 pls to visit.

  4. This is all good on so many levels, Lotus. They have done a marvelous job and yes the orchids are superb. I did click on the image to see the handsome fellow responsible for them. This is a place that I would visit often. Love the checkerboard squares of flowers in the grass, very interesting. :-)

  5. Catherine, I'm sure your kind heart would have made you buy a whole lot of plants . I am now regretting not buying some more!
    Hi Doc! There was such a variety of plants and so cheap too. But we had to take an autorickshaw home, which deterred us.
    Rupa, welcome to my blog, and thanks for the comment. Pl visit again.
    Hi Frances!Yes, it is good on so many levels as you put it. The pupils earn while they learn and they have a feeling of self worth, which is great.

  6. It's wonderful to read about all the good work done by the NGO. And the plants!! I would've had a very hard time too. Everything looks so well-cared for...even the stretch of green that you see beyond the beautiful bonsais. I love the squares too. An inspiring post, indeed!