Monday, November 30, 2009

Leaves of Different Hues

This Rex Begonia has ruby red leaves which shine like jewels in the sun.
The Selaginella is a shade loving plant which grows under my pomegranate tree.

The Swallowtail butterfly found a resting place on the fern.

The croton, with its many coloured leaves is a perennial favourite here.

The Alpinia has bright , variegated leaves.
I hope you enjoyed the colours and forms of the leaves. Have a good day!


  1. Lovely leaves. My flowering pomegranate is deciduous here and turns bright yellow before they drop. I brought Alpinia inside because the leaves are so attractive.

  2. Pretty variegation on the Alpinia. That begonia is an eye-catcher. Striking!

  3. I love the leaves of the Rex Begonia -- so colorful and glossy.

  4. The Alpinia would be my favorite here. What a beautiful pattern! Rex begonia is lovely. It's funny to see all these plants growing outside, since I know them mostly like houseplants. Thank you Lotusleaf for your nice pictures!

  5. Nell Jean: Thank you and welcome to my blog.
    Kanak:The home of the original rex begonias is Assam!
    Sweet Bay: Begonias are my favourites too.
    Tatyana: I had to cut away some of the alpinia during monsoons!

  6. All these plants make one appreciate nature and its mechanics so much more; the colors are breathtaking.

  7. These leaves are as pretty as flowers. I love the begonia leaves, the red is amazing!

  8. Wow these are some lovely plants. Love the variegation.

    Goldenray Yorkies

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