Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wild flowers in Autumn

This Acasia has small round yellow flowers which are perfumed.
The plant is full of thorns, but liked by birds and butterflies.

Asystasia gangetica flowers profusely in the sun.

This is another yellow wild flower.

The double Shankhapushpi, Butterfly Pea has medicinal value. It is useful to enhance memory power, and to increase resistance to disease.


  1. Lovely photos Lotusleaf. i only have the single Shankhapushpi. Among Bengalis its a very sacred flower used for pujas.

  2. Calliandra haemathocephala has flower similar
    to this acacia but they are red. A favorite
    of hummingbirds in my neck of the woods.
    Nice information, great pictures.

  3. Good morning Lotus Leaf, we also have Acacias here in Chile, they grow naturally in many places.
    María Cecilia

  4. Lovely blooms! There's a whole lot of yellow flowers blooming in the wild here too. I have that Aparajita...isn't that blue gorgeous?!

  5. I love the fluffy yellow Acasia flower. The butterfly pea is another very pretty one I've seen on blogs from other gardeners in your area. I don't think any wildflowers are blooming here now.

  6. Manisha, even the single butterfly pea is pretty, isn't it.
    Antigonum, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Maria Cecilia, you must be having different kinds of wild flowers there. I'd love to see some wild flowers of Chile.
    Kanak, I believe you can make edible dye from it, though I have not tried it.
    Catherine, I love the wild flowers in your area.

  7. I came here following the Shankhapushpi image. This is the flower that I have been told is shankhapushpi. But the internet also shows another flower as shankhapushpi.( Please clarify at

  8. nice flower collections of you. nice shots too.

    Love from Valentine day flowers :)

  9. lovely pictures.fantastic collection of flowers.yellow wild flower is look so pretty.
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