Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Bloom Day

The tropical region has a great biodiversity, as it is blessed with warmth throughout the year. I feel grateful for all the colour we see all through the year. My Crucifix orchid is flaunting its flaming colours, making a sharp contrast with the Blue Sage.
TheRex Begonias have started putting forth their delicate flowers.

The purple Petria vine has also started blooming. In a few days, the whole vine will be covered with beautiful violet flowers.

The Heliconium 'Golden Rod' flowers throught the year.

The purple ground orchid is also preparing to bring forth more flowers.


  1. Lucky you, Lotusleaf, you have so many different colours in your garden! Your petria is beautiful. Waiting to see a picture of the whole vine covered in blooms.

  2. Shailaja, yes I am really lucky to have so many different colours at all seasons.

  3. Wow what beautiful flowers you've got blooming! They are all so pretty I couldn't choose a favorite.

  4. Those are some lovely tropical flowers, lotusleaf.
    Thank you for sharing them with those of us in colder, wetter climates!

  5. Lovely lotusleaf! What stunning colors... and orchids no less... beautiful. Carol

  6. Catherine, thanks.
    Jane, thanks for visiting my blog and sending an encouraging comment.
    Catol, thank you.