Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Visit to the Swamp

The Swamp belonging to the Forest Department near my home is now full of migratory water birds. I tried to capture some of them in my camera yesterday afternoon.
There are cranes and the brown one is a heron.

The other creatures are also active. This beetle has a peculiar marking on its back.

The blue Porter Weed grows happily there.

The Tanner's Cassia is resplendant with golden flowers.


  1. Nice looking swamp. The swamp near my house is full of colocasia. When they die in winter we see these birds too. Great shots! And the beetle is something I haven't seen before..it's beautiful!

  2. Lovely shots of the swamp, birds and flowers, Lotusleaf! I love the roses before too, and that poem is a favorite of mine. :-)

  3. Thanks Kanak.Are the colocasia edible?
    Thaks, Frances. I too love Robert Frost's poems.

  4. Lovely photographs of the swamp, Lotusleaf. i wonder how long it'll last in the forward march of urbanization & "civilization'!