Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flowers of the Season

Gardens all over the city are full of flowers now. Chrysanthemums of different hues are seen everywhere. These are some Pink Ravenia Ravenia spectabilis in my school garden.
Thunbergia grandiflora on a fence.

The Bougainvilleas are flowering their head off.

A Canna Indica in a neighbouring garden.

The Crimson Morning Glory Stictocardia tellifalia is also called Spotted Heart. The heart shaped leaves of this native climber have glandular spots, giving it the name. The latin name also means 'spotted heart'.


  1. Namaste Lotus Leaf, so nice to know your city is all in flower bloom now, it must look very wonderful in many colors. The only flowers I know from your pictures are buganvileas, we have lots of them here in Chile and I have some at home.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  2. Bangalore must be so beautiful now! the Spotted heart is new to's spectacular! So's the thunbergia!

  3. Thank you Maria Cecilia. Yes,this place is full of colour now.
    Kanak, the gardens are full of blooms now, but after 2 months the hot season starts when everything will be listless.

  4. Bangalore must look like a huge, magnificent garden now!
    I can understand you pessimism regarding the hot season being two months away; here the winters have not yet properly set in and I am already anxious about the summers!!!

  5. So different from the browns and taupes that are now predominating here! Beautiful flowers. The Bougeanvillas are amazing.