Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Mood of Blue

I love blue flowers, which are not prevalent in this part of the planet. Now that the days are shorter, there are more blue flowers to be seen everywhere. These Blue Dawn flowers from a neighbour's garden has climbed over a roadside tree and flowering happily.
The Amazon Blue has started flowering again, bringing a sense of harmony.

The wild flower, Blue Convolvulus has not stopped flowering since summer.

Another wild flower, the blue Butterfly Pea is seen in all vacant lots.

A volunteer Jacquemontia, flowering in a vacant lot, its tiny flowers attracting bees in hoardes.
My Blue Sage is flowering profusely in my garden. We can enjoy the colour blue in our gardens till mid- February, after which it will become warmer.


  1. These are all such beautiful shades of blue! I have to try the blue Morning Glories next summer. I love how the center of them glows.

  2. Catherine, the sky blue Morning Glory is also beautiful.

  3. Hi Lotusleaf... Your first and last photos are fabulous! I love those blue flowers... gorgeous! Carol

  4. Your blue flowers are so pretty. It is an unusual colour for a flower. Here in early spring we have blue irises. We also have morning glories (I'm in Canada).

  5. Good morning Lotus Leaf, I have same blue flower growing in many places of my garden, specially over the hill, it is wild here too, we called it "Campanita" (little bell). I love this blue flower and let it grow everywhere.
    María Cecilia