Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Reflection

The village pond is bordered by coconut groves , mango orchards and rice fields.It looks so idyllic. But the young men of the village want to live in the city.
You can see fantastic photos from all over the world at James' Weekend Reflections.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place and the picture confirms it. It seems that young men always want to live in the city then come back to the country when they're older.

  2. Such a lovely, peaceful place and a marvelous capture! It does indeed seem that cities have a strong appeal for young men -- and women, here in the states. But time makes the peacefulness of the country more and more appealing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. This is a scene with beautiful reflections.
    It has always been so, that the young want to move away from home. But enough return, usually, to keep up the lifestyle and traditions of their elders.

  4. it is a gorgeous place.

    You can´t blame them, it is easier and more exciting to make a living in the city.

  5. What a beautiful place to unwind and relax!