Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rhapsody in Orange

Orange is an uplifting colour, especially when the days are grey. The Bird of Paradise flower Strelitzia reginae never fails to bring cheer to my heart.
Gloriosa superba is a climbing lily, native to India. Its tubers are poisonous, but are useful for treating certain diseases.
Sanchezia is a native of Brazil. Its tubular yellow flowers in orange bracts are as attractive as its striped leaves.
The French Marigold can be planted with the vegetables to ward off pests.
The Four o'Clock flower blooms in all vacant lots in my suburb. The same plant has three different coloured flowers here.
You can see more flower pictures here .
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  1. A rhapsody indeed! What gorgeous, colorful flowers! And such a delightful post for the day -- as always! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks for these wonderful photos! I had never seen the Gloriosa superba lily before. Amazing!

    Thanks so much for enjoying my watercolor!

  3. Beautiful collection of flowers.

  4. Thanks for this lovely exotic Weekend Flowers :)

  5. A wonderful selection of flowers. The gloriosa flowers looks very nice as your blog header.

  6. The colors in these flowers are glorious....beautiful captures...they definitely shout “Oh, so pretty:” Lovely macros. genie