Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Reflections

I took this photo of the old, disused bridge across the river Cauvery from a moving bus. Although the river seems placid now, its raging floods caused a lot of damage in the past.
My thanks to James for hosting Weekend Reflections, with wonderful weekly pictures.


  1. I almost forgot why I came here. to comment on the reflection. :)

    That flower in your header stole my interest. Such a strange and beautiful flower. I have NEVER seen anything like it. But I certainly would want to. And to take lots of shots on it. Do you know the name? :)

  2. What a nice picture. Reflections have always been a favorite photo subject. I can see how that river could be really dangerous with the right weather conditions.


  3. Terrific reflections for the day and I, too, can see how it could be very dangerous depending on the weather. You do have some gray and grumpy skies! Enjoy your evening!!


  4. This picture reminds me of the rivers here. Seemingly placid but they do so much damage. Great capture from a moving bus!

  5. Such a huge river! It must be dangerous now!