Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waters of the Cauvery

The river Cauvery is the river of life for this part of the world. I took these pictures as we were driving by.
Most of the rivers , including Cauvery, are considered to be feminine. Many people name their daughters after this beautiful river.
You can view great pictures of water at Watery Wednesday


  1. Oh, what a beautiful river it is! Such lovely captures for the day! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty of India with us! Hope your week is going well!


  2. It looks as though you've got some big water that passed by.

    My share Watery Wednesday.

  3. If the rivers are feminine, what is its counterpart male? It looks silty too!

  4. The river at the peak of monsoon still looks so gentle! Befittingly most of our rivers are feminine except the Brahmaputra (perhaps the only "male" river?) which often causes destructive floods during the monsoons.

  5. Beautiful shots of the river with the hills in the background. The first thought that came to mind was about the Brahmaputra but Shailaja has already mentioned it. This year too the "putra" has wreaked havoc in many areas, particularly Dhemaji.

  6. Nice capture, thanks for sharing.
    Ah...sooo nice seeing your world.
    Loving the Purple Glory Bush in the past post.

  7. Maybe the river is curvy hehe... this is my first time hearing people use river name their daughters. Thanks for sharing :-D