Sunday, November 27, 2011

Today's Flowers #171

The red mussaenda has very bright bracts, but does not flower profusely.
The Lobster claw heliconia has bright bracts concealing small flowers.
Ixora is a native of the rain forests of the Western Ghats. It never stints on flowers.
Ruttya has unusual black lips.
My Thunbergia mysorensis has started putting out long ropes of flowers.
We are having gloomy weather now due to a depression in the eastern sea. These flowers cheer me up with their bright and cheerful faces. Hope they bring cheer to you too.
My thanks to Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Sandy Carlson for their wonderful meme, Today's Flowers. I am also contributing to Floral Friday.


  1. A lovely collection of bright flowers. My favourite is the lobster claw heliconia.

  2. I just love the red Mussaenda. I haven't seen that one around here. The pink and the white are definitly far more common.

  3. you have a marvelous selection. great job.

  4. We live in very similar climates... we also have plenty of heliconia and ixora. And I agree, the flowers cheer me up in gloomy weather.

  5. All so beautiful. The mussaenda looks spectacular! I've only seen the wild ones with white bracts but this one has the wow factor.

  6. Beautiful as always. I love Thunbergia mysorensis; if I ever have a garden in the tropics or a large greenhouse it will be one of the first things I will plant.

  7. Oh, I always love your beautiful flowers and delightful captures!! Such gorgeous colors! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  8. º°❤
    Olá, amiga!
    Fotos maravilhosas.
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos. º° ✿
    ♫° Brasil

  9. We have mussaenda too but I have never seen a red one. They are usually white or pink.

    Like your header. That is one unique looking flower!