Monday, June 30, 2014

Taala Maddale- a unique art form

 Taala Maddale is an art form popular in Karnataka. It combines  poetry, music and acting.  (The Bhagavatar (second from left) sings the story in his rich baritone to the accompaniment of special   drums and other musical instruments. The actor (extreme right) renders his dialogue between the songs. Everything is done sitting down, and the emotions like pathos or anger are conveyed by the music and the drums.The young boy in the picture is a master drummer.
 Taala Maddale is performed at homes for  small audience. It is very popular in  coastal Karnataka.
A rapt audience at a performance last Sunday...
This is my contribution to this week's Our World Tuesday.


  1. Hearing about this art form for the first time....You introduced it with some nice pics...!

  2. Would love to attend one. Have heard about this.

  3. Very interesting, a new way to see live entertainment..Thanks for sharing, enjoy the rest of your week!