Friday, July 17, 2009

Flowers of monsoon

Green is the predominant colour in the tropics during the monsoons. Now is the time when plants grow, store food and other dwellers of the tropics like the birds and insects mate and proliferate. This year the monsoon rains have been scanty, but still, some of the plants have put forth their blooms in my garden. The hot pink antigonon had enveloped the sandalwood completely, and I had to pull some of it down. The silky flowers of the frangipani are filling the garden with a heavenly perfume. The flame coloured ixora is in two minds- whether to use its energy for growing, or to make dazzling flowers


  1. Hi Padma, I can imagine how your garden must be looking now...beautiful! Lovely blooms as usual. I liked your last post too. Wonderful memories of your father. I especially loved reading about his garden.

  2. Our rains are scanty too. This is very odd for a hurricane season our rainy season. I just love the perfume of the frangipani especially the singapore plumeria. That coral vine or the antigonon once covered a field where I once lived as a child. I thought it was beautiful until I later learned that it was considered a pest and that the ministry of Agriculture was trying to rid the country of it. One man's enjoyment is another man's headache LOL. Have a great weekend.